Koku Ecoswimwear, sustainable fashion in swimwear

Our exclusive sustainable swimwear fashion collections fuse nature with an authentic lifestyle. You will discover unique pieces for the little ones, which will reflect your commitment to responsible fashion and respect for the environment.

At Koku Factory, a children’s fashion brand specializing in swimwear, we travel looking for
corners of towns, cities and landscapes, imbuing ourselves with the character of the
the people who inhabit them, their culture and customs, finding the key to
To create collections where the interest in nature emerges as a sign of a way of life.

In this collection called Polynesia, we would love for you to become another companion on our journey through this Pacific paradise.
Imbued with this ancestral culture, we created this collection characterized by very expressive designs, sometimes calm and even somewhat rebellious
with a very refreshing look. With colour ranges that exude a spirit of fun and good vibes, we inject the colour palette
with tones ranging from the most electric, with very vibrant tones, to the most peaceful with calm and relaxed tones.

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