About Us

We are a children's bathroom brand eco-sustainable

Passionate about environmental protection and healthy habits, we take care of every process of creation, from the design of prints to the selection of fabrics. Our fabrics are made with SEAQUAL and other 100% recycled yarns. Both the lycra and the PES with which we create each of our designs, are produced with recycled yarns from plastic bottles and waste from the Mediterranean Sea.

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We design and choose materials carefully so that all our garments will last longer and be happily used for generations.

In Koku we value the future of our children and our planet as well as the welfare of each and every one of the people who are part of the process of creating our product. The production takes place in Tenerife (Canary Islands), our island, and we are fortunate to know each and every one of the people who manufacture our products, who are also part of a labor integration project in which most of the workers have other abilities.

When choosing a swimsuit for the children of the house, it seems essential to us to consider textiles that provide quick drying so they can continue playing out of the water and that, in addition, have UPT +50 protection.

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